Pastors are burning out and leaving the ministry at an alarming rate. 

Recent studies say that about 85% of seminary graduates will not make it past five years in ministry and only 1 in 10 of those who start their careers as pastors will finish them as one.

Many resources have been devoted to studying the causes and prevention of pastoral failure, but far fewer have been devoted to understanding pastoral restoration.  This needs to change.

Consider all the men and women who have burned out of ministry and are now working elsewhere.  These people experienced a call to the ministry, have a desire to serve God and help people, devoted countless hours and financial resources to getting a seminary education, and are now doing other things.  And they are doing other things because the Church doesn’t know how to restore them.

But what if the best years of ministry are not behind these leaders, but in front of them?  What if their failure is not the end, but actually a new beginning?  We wholeheartedly believe God uses broken people, because that’s the only type of people there are. But most pastors and churches get lost in failure, and can’t find the way back home.

We know we can find it.  But it is the path less traveled.

Better After Broken is dedicated to creating a path back home through rigorous research and facing the darkness that is in everyone of us.  

It’s an audacious goal, but we really do believe God is THAT good.  

You are invited to follow along and engage with the journey.  It’s not just about pastors – its about us all.

Alex Johnson is the founder of Better After Broken.  He is a pastor, researcher, and PhD student in Industrial-Organizational Psychology.  Originally from the Chicago-area, he has pastored in Denver, CO; Asheville, NC;  Barrington, IL; and now in Renton, WA.  He is a graduate of Wheaton College (IL), Denver Seminary, and is currently a doctoral student at Seattle Pacific University. Through both personal and professional experiences that he would not have chosen, he has developed a heart for those leaders and ministries who have been derailed by pastoral failure and believes that there is reason to hope for being better after being broken. 

Chris is a regular contributor to the Better After Broken podcast.  He is a marriage and family therapist, spiritual director, teacher, speaker, and author of the book  A Field Guide to Relationships.  He is a graduate of Lee University, and Richmont Graduate University.  He helps people bridge the gap between emotional/relational pain and their own spiritual formation.  He and his family live in the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains of Asheville, NC.  For more information about Chris, check out his website at   www.chrisrogerswrites.com.