Episode 012 Self-Esteem & Failure

This week on the podcast Alex and Chris dig into some research on self-esteem and how it relates to pastoral failure. Challenging some prevailing assumptions, the pursuit of self-esteem is fraught with risks. We get into some really good stuff on this. Hope you...

Episode 010: Getting to the Root Issue – Acknowledging the Problem

It would seem like such a simple thing - to acknowledge when we have a problem - but it is often the most difficult step in the process for any leader, or organization, to admit that there is a problem. The problem, is that it's pretty hard to fix a problem you don't...

Episode 009 Family Systems & Triangles with guest Eric Ford

Have you ever experienced challenging interpersonal dynamics, but been unable to name it? This episode will help you make sense of the relational triangles that are operating around us all the time but we may struggle to see.

Episode 008 – Getting to the Root Cause Part 2

In the recession of 2007/2008, I (Alex) lost everything. It took me years to fully get past that failure, in part because I wasn't dealing with the real issues. As many of us are facing unknown futures, I hope my story may spare you some unnecessary pain and possibly...

Episode 007 – Can People Really Change?

Do you find yourself skeptical when someone claims they've changed? You're not alone. This podcast explores the natural skepticism we have about our ability to really change and why we should have hope that true change is possible.

Episode 006: Storytellers – an Interview with Ben & Patrick

In this episode Alex interviews two friends who have experienced failure, but are walking the path of restoration. Their testimony is raw, but hope filled. This is not a graphic episode, but you may not want to listen to this with younger children. Ben has a podcast...

Episode 005: The Mythical Power of Accountability

Accountability is important. But why is it that so many pastors claim to have it, yet still fail? In this episode we discuss the conditions under which accountability can cease to be a myth, and have a real impact on our lives.

Episode 003: Quarantined Opportunities – Invest in Your Family

Ministry is incredibly hard, but it is almost impossible when your family isn't in a good place. The Corona virus is changing our lives in profound ways, but this is an opportunity for pastors to make a major investment in their families while at home. Alex &...